Tiger Woods Ex-Wife Down There By The Clubhouse Through Hell

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The rushed down and saw me on the deck down there by the clubhouse. He said, Disqualified. and I said, 'Yes, I'm sorry. He said he woke up at and he got here in 12 minutes. His starting tee was No. 11 and that was about or so when I talked to him We had already sent the alternate out. It was Marc Leishman. Thank goodness that wasn't what it was. We kept looking and kept trying to call. I didn't know where he was staying, but it would have been too late.

The Both had attended the obligatory parenting classes, the court documents showed. Woods and Nordegren attended Monday’s execution of the divorce at a court in Panama City, Florida, where they agreed to share parenting of their children.

The Susan Minor, Jungers' maternal aunt, says that her niece told the family about the affair "about four years ago," when Jungers played the golfer's voiemail and even called him while the family was listening.


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