Top Ten Smart Phones Battling Toghter

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Smart-phones are usually those mobile phones that can be handhold like a computer and mobile phone combined, but this does little bit too distinguish between the vast number of different models in the market. Before we recognize how to find the best-est smart phone for our selves.

Nokia has already made decision for manufacturing smart-phones where nokia latest touch based phone launch proved its interest in smart-phones. But at the same time, all of these manufacturers need to think about price tagging as well. As now major competitor to such mobile PDA’s is laptop market especially in the Pakistan.

While Apple currently enjoys dramatic iPhone growth, it's future market share is likely to suffer from the cost barriers it is building into its pricing model which designed to maximize its profits with ongoing revenue stream from third-party content. According to Newsweek, there’s only one place where anyone can buy iPhone apps: Apple’s online App Store.

Although Motrola's Droid X that Google introduced the new droid 2 examinations and X-Droid price of $ 149.99 is a good phone smartphone. Sounds good, solid sell Verizon for $ 199.99 after $ 100 rebate with two-year contract for a new 16GB micro SD card.To customers.with accommodate dual LED flash and a camera, 8 Megapixel with video 720 has a processor 1 GHz and 512 MB of memory. 5 inches long, 2.6 cm wide and 0.4 cm thick, about one quarter of an inch and a half inch wide iPhone4.

The HTC Fiesta has a large touchscreen display, while the Paradise couples this interface with a full QWERTY keypad integrated into its slider design.They both appear to be based on the Android operating system and observers have not been hugely impressed with what they have to offer, although they seem to both be typically solid offerings from HTC.


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