UFC 118 Will Be Live After Few Hours

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UFC 118 Will be going to broadcast Live after few hours ! the most amazing game of the history will be going to play in the ring and we are waiting to see who will be the winner of the ring below a short description of history and current going game.

There are also those pouring cold water on the notion that Toney had been grappling with Mo Lawal, and that it may have been a ruse. Indeed, Lawal, at one point, had said he had been choked out by Toney. We’ll get the form in a few hours.

Edgar’s Key to Victory: Edgar wrote the script on beating Penn at UFC 112. Yet, Edgar could only manage a very close decision despite executing his game plan to perfection. While it is predictable and will be far from easy, Edgar’s best chance of retaining the lightweight title will be to replicate his last performance against Penn.

"This guy is like a well-oiled machine,” Sherman said, referring to the boxing champ. “His skills are legendary. You don't strip down what they got and strip down a machine. What we look at James Toney is what we can add to that tool belt to make him successful in this arena.”


  1. oh that's really cool can any body tell me where to watch it live or live streaming of it ? and final ufc 118

  2. UFC 118 will be the greatest event and i hope you guys have been showing it live streaming countdown to UFC 118


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