US Soldiers Returning Home From Iraq Face Unexpected Challenges

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President Barack Obama prepares to declare an end to the combat mission in Iraq, veterans like McMichael are waging another war at home against the debilitating effects of concussions and combat stress.The military and veterans' agencies have struggled to cope with the condition that often leaves soldiers a shadow of their former selves, unable to keep a job or perform basic tasks.

The last US combat troops to leave the country.Hundreds of family members gathered in a gymnasium room in Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and several mothers balanced a child with one arm and a handmade welcome sign with the other.The room soon filled with hugs and tears, and in some cases, fathers watching their children walk for the first time.

But Martin is one of the lucky ones.Army officials say many new veterans suffering from PTSD and brain injuries struggle to find and keep a civilian job. Advocates say many employers don't know how to accommodate veterans with these "invisible wounds" and worry that they cannot do the job and might even "go postal" someday.I don't think it would have happened had he received the help from the army.I hope our country does a better job at serving our troops as each troop served our army. They deserve to be served just like generals.


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