Verizon and Motorola The next Generation Droid X Control Your Eyes

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The Most Shocking Revolutionary Invention has been made and the new Droid X by Motorola is Releasing, it has a fum motion capture and motion censor inside the smartphone which not only detect where you are moving your Droid phone but it also sense where your head and eyes are moving.

you can have an example of this first time invention at there website if you have camera the camera use to detect your motion and flip the mobile as you move your head right to left or vice verse.

This new Droid X hit the market with many new promises to accomplish and now it has been listed to number 1 technology as of the Google android 2.2 and Froyo is just next to the competition and laddering up to beat this new technology that has never seen before.

even the camera of the mobile is 750p HD now you don't need to buy a expensive Handicap or other camera this is a stand alone High Definition Mobile plus Camera phone with 4.3" of Display Screen the fine art of technology will going to control your eyes.


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