Verizons Increasing Demand In Pakistan

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Verizon's Business increased its total number of Private IP ports by more than 45 percent and its Ethernet access capabilities by more than 400 percent. New Verizon Private IP nodes have now been established in Asia-Pacific (China, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea); Eastern Europe (Bulgaria and Romania); and Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Panama and Peru).

Verizon Private IP is now available to customers in 121 countries and territories worldwide, with additional node deployments planned this year in Iceland, Pakistan, India and Russia.

As verizon can run Google's operating system, the Fascinate will come with a suite of communication, entertainment, and productivity applications. Many of these will tie into Google services like YouTube and Gmail, but users will also be able to get their business mail through Microsoft Exchange.

Google, on the other hand, is far less restrictive with its wireless devices, which makes it pretty tempting to switch from iPhones altogether to a Google phone. However, Google browsers still seem lacking. Not that we’re big fans of Safari either. Firefox is the king of browsers right now, but Google’s Chrome browser is definitely preferred to Apple’s Safari.


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