Weed Season 6 Episod 2 Disappearing Act A Little Bit Easier

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Silas apparently has taken the reigns as the Botwin moral compass from Shane. He’s the only one who feels any guilt over Shane’s actions. Shane is completely emotionless and has no regrets in killing Pilar. As if getting shot wasn’t enough, becoming a murderer has given Shane an ample dose of bravado.

As for Esteban Demián Bichir, he’s still floating around. Cesar (Enrique Castillo) has strategically “lost” the evidence of Pilar’s murder. Now, Esteban is on the hunt for Nancy. Outside of taking his son away, Esteban should be thankful to the Botwin family for their help in freeing him from Pilar’s devilish grasp.

Lupita, Shane, Silas, Nancy and the baby have all their stuff packed and are now ready to go on the run. Unfortunately there is something and someone missing from the picture. Nancy is convinced that they need Andy’s minivan to make the disappearing act a little bit easier.This season is all about a family on the run. Sure, the Botwin’s may resort to selling marijuana to fund their escape, but the overall theme will move away from what we’ve seen in the past.


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