The World Unite To Relife Pakistan Flood Disastering Ares

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The damages in Pakistan and the need for support are immeasurable,” , President, The Western Union Foundation. “We are working with organizations to provide disaster relief in Pakistan. Our thoughts are with those affected by this disaster. Remittances will be vital in offering emergency support to families and friends. Western Union is actively working together with its Agents in Pakistan and throughout the region to help facilitate the delivery of services in a fast, reliable and convenient manner.

After this great devastation caused by the recent flood, Heritage Foundation is embarking on emergency relief measures for women and their children in the hour of need. Please join us in collecting clothes particularly for Women and Children which are most urgently required. The Clothes may be used but must be for summer wear and they must be clean and ready to wear.

The Heritage Foundation with the help of its various partners hopes to meet the target of helping 500 families in the area of Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in not only providing immediate relief but in the long term rehabilitation goal. The undertaking of such a task requires the continual support of various groups and volunteers.

As far as the world is trying to help these peoples who are infected by this flood Pakistani.Government don't want to do anything for the natives , they just know how to serve and fulfill their ourselves and their bank balances.Taking the government to task, he said, it should forgo its luxurious lifestyle instead of begging the international community for donations. The challenge that the floods have thrown at the nation can be overcome through combined efforts and national unity, Khan observed. He expressed the hope that like in the past, overseas Pakistanis would come forward with help for the flood victims.


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