World's Most Dangerous Ride Scam Hit Facebook

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The ride runs through a perfect circle. Early-roller coaster engineers toyed with this design, with disastrous results. The high g-forces that are exerted when entering and exiting the inversion of a perfect circular loop are enough to break a person's neck this is why all roller coaster loops are elliptical or corkscrew shaped.If the slide's few passengers were injured, this could partly have been to blame.

They drove us up to the top of the road gave our bikes a perfunctory check and kitted us out in our snazzy reflective vests which we soon worked out did absolutely nothing but get in the way.The loop wasn't open to the public at that point, but we distinctly remember park employees taking turns on the inertia driven ride. In fact, in the years that it stood taunting the park's thrill seekers, it was barely open to the public at all.

The first bit whilst quite steep, was completely tarred and wide enough for two cars and not particularly dangerous.we were starting to think the worlds most dangerous ride should be renamed the worlds most pleasant Sunday bike ride.Other than that there was some minor technical difficulties with the bikes in which we kept breaking them due to our extreme biking techniques in fact the last hour of the ride we did without a guide as we had completely destroyed three out of the seven bikes.


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