You Don't Know Jack "The Life And Deaths Of Jack Kevorkian"

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This is the story of Dr. Jack Kevorkian who starts a struggle against the law to stop assisting the suicides of terminal illness patients. This law was once in effect in Michigan.Al Pacinio’s acting in “You Don’t Know Jack” was simply mind blowing and he also deserved the Emmy every single bit. He is known as the best actor of his time but the thing is that his time isn’t over yet.

He is still presenting the best of his work at the moment and not only that, he’s winning awards while at it.Fortunately, if you thought that was the end of the long run for the classic quiz games, then you don't well, you know. As originally heard on the Giant Bomb podcast and later confirmed on the official site, Jellyvision is partnering up to THQ to bring the series back yet again.

It's one of the best performances he's ever done along with his work in "Dog Day Afternoon" and when he won his first Emmy for "Angels in America."This biography of a woman with Autism seems to be the surprising runaway winner at the Emmys tonight with three wins so far all the acting categories.It's funny to see that everytime a winner from the film mention's Dr.Grandin's name, she stands up in the audience and waves. She must really like the spotlight.


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