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Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and Nicole Kidman make it seem effortless to look stunning but as a woman ages, her body simply turns against her making it impossible to maintain. Well, here’s a list of 20 actresses that were able to maintain their toned, tiny figures while balancing between work and health. Some of these might even shock you!

1. Sharon Stone (1958): an actress, producer and a former model makes this star Hollywood royalty.

2. Holly Hunter (1958): nothing is impossible to her. She gave birth to twin boys at the age of 47 and successfully maintained her figure.

3. Michelle Pfeiffer (1958): a combination of a stunning figure and an ageless face make her irresistible. "If you think hitting 40 is liberating, wait till you hit 50 ... I was surprised at how liberating it was."

4. Jamie Lee Curtis (1958): aka Lady Haden-Guest (being married to a Lord), is the spokeswoman for Activia and a blogger for the Huffington Post online newspaper.

5. Annette Bening (1958): married to Hollywood’s playboy, Warren Beatty till now must mean she's doing something right.

6. Madonna (1958): she's even hotter than Britney Spears!

7. Andie MacDowell (1958): let’s just say L’Oreal has done wonders for her.

8. Angela Bassett (1958): looks like Stella never lost her groove in the first place.

9. Ellen DeGeneres (1958): the American Idol judge is famous for being a standup comedian, actress and television host.

10. Kim Cattrall (1956): with that body, hair and smile she doesn’t look a day over 30!

11. Geena Davis (1956): actress, producer, writer, model and a women’s Olympics archery team semi-finalist.

12. Sela Ward (1956): beautiful and talented. The American sweetheart will be appearing on CSI: NY season 7.

13. Katey Sagal (1954): the multiple Golden Globe nominee appeared on shows we love like “Married with children”, “8 simple rules”, “Futurama”, and “Lost”.

14. Rene Russo (1954): an Italian American that went to school with director Ron Howard then dropped out in the 10th grade because she couldn’t handle school.

15. Kim Basinger (1953): an award winning star that was chosen by Empire Magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest stars in film history back in 1995.

16. Jane Seymour (1951): the Bond girl sure knows how to “live and let die”.

17. Queen Noor of Jordan (1951): American by birth, and is of Lebanese, Syrian, Swedish and British descent. The queen is a Princeton graduate with a BA in Architecture and urban planning.

18. Meryl Streep (1949): two words, MAMMA MIA!

19. Helen Mirren (1945): the talented “Calendar Girl” is over 60 and has it together, have you seen her in a bathing suit?

20. Goldie Hawn (1945): the superstar is a grandmother to 3 lovely children. She is the mother of Kate Hudson and the lovely wife of the famous actor Kurt Russell. She is truly someone that has aged gracefully!

Victor Hugo (a famous French poet/novelist) once said “Forty is the old age of youth; fifty the youth of old age”. Well, here is living proof that you could be over fifty and look fabulous!


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