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There's more important things going on than my eye," he said.Burnett said the injured eye did not affect his vision on the mound, though he said the injury was not baseball related. He refused to elaborate.Said Burnett: "I'm good.Burnett was more amiable but not much more forthcoming. "I know you guys have got to ask about it," he said, smiling. "But I'm not gonna comment on it. There's more important things going on with this team right now than my eye. It makes me look tough, though."

Yankees manager Joe Girardi declined comment on the black eye. It's the second straight start that Burnett appeared on the mound with bruises. He had a bruised right ear in his rain-shortened start at Texas last week, attributing that injury to an accident in his home workshop.Burnett allowed three runs on six hits scattered over seven innings though he allowed homers to Adam Jones and Robert Andino. However, for a second straight start, Burnett appeared to have command of his fastball and curveball.

Earlier in the day, Brian Cashman had arrived from New York, the recent struggles of his team having reached the point that it seemed as if a visit from the principal, er, GM was in order. "This game can turn on a dime," he said to describe how the $210 million team he had assembled could follow an eight-game winning streak by losing eight of its next 10.Four hours later, the game had done just that, the Yankees turning what would have been another disheartening one-run defeat into a rousing come-from-behind victory, and the news out of Tampa and Boston turning what could have been a very damaging night into one of triumph.

Not as tough as he looks when he spots his fastball the way he did against the Orioles, or slips his knuckle curve over the way he did to a slack-jawed Ty Wigginton to end the first inning. "I attacked tonight," said Burnett, who was happy to come away with a no-decision after leaving the game trailing 3-2. "I established both my pitches. I did a pretty good job of putting everything that happened behind me and throwing one pitch at a time. This is probably the best I've felt in a long time."

Asked if the incident in which he sustained the facial injuries was baseball-related, Burnett replied "no," before joking "but it makes me look tough.It's something I had to deal with, I dealt with it, and I'll move on," he added.Burnett, who had left the Yanks and flown ahead to Baltimore from Tampa on Wednesday in preparation for this start, also had appeared on the mound in his rain-shortened start last week in Texas with a bruised right ear, saying that injury occurred during an accident in his workshop at home.

But he got through the inning and wrapped up his night having dealt seven innings of six-hit, three-run ball, his best outing in a month. Whatever happened to him this week was not baseball-related both he and Girardi said so -- and was clearly of a sensitive enough nature that no one in the Yankees clubhouse would talk about it. Coming on the heels of last week's game in Texas, in which Burnett pitched with a bruised right ear courtesy, he said, of a workshop mishap, it lent a bizarre sidelight to an otherwise uplifting game."It was just something I had to deal with," Burnett said. "I dealt with it and we move on. I handled what I had to handle and focused on my job."


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