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The expendables sylvester Stallone's film about a group of weathered falling one position to the seventh spot was,The Other Guys, the latest Will Ferrell slapstick comedy, about two mismatched police officers paired on a high-profile crime investigation, which had a 5.4-million-dollar take at the box office.

In the American this butterfly motif is omnipresent when Jack, working a new job from Abruzzo, constructs a super-duper high-powered rifle for a mysterious hit woman (Thekla Reuten), during target practice he delights in the white butterfly that alights on her thigh. Jack’s way of showing delight is, however, minimal. He deadpans his way through life, though he always seems to be chewing gum. In “The American,” chewing gum is what passes for characterization.

They came from other countries also, with the exception of Mesrine, a French biopic with the feel and story arc of a classic American gangster movie, they fall well outside the stylistic parameters of the crime genre as we know it in the States. Even The American , starring that reigning American movie star, George Clooney feels more like a lost film from the late French master of cool, Jean-Pierre Melville, than a Hollywood enterprise.


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