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Sometimes we come across people in our lives who we simply can't live without. I wrote this poem about my best friend in the whole wide world. She gave me hope when I was hopeless, and she was always there for me. It didn't matter to me what others thought of her, because she was my friend and that's all that mattered.I daily thank God for giving me these people who are my angels on earth and who I can know I will always call my friends. Thank you Emily for being who you are, and loving me in the process.

I being a 30 year old woman from Warsaw, Poland; who has found the man I was seeking in my dear teacher. As my dear teacher has found the woman, he was seeking in me; the one he has dubbed "my angel". How things are at present is that which I could describe in long intimate detail of how my dear teacher and I; engage in acts of not only blissful sexuality but true romance along the tender paths of adoration. These being the tales which could fill page after page with how my dear teacher and I, live in the harmonies of each other's affections to create the grand symphony which is our passion for one another yet this is not what I will write about; for it is but a joyous conclusion to what preceded.

Ours being like a present received from each other, containing all the emotions previously kept inside of us yet my tale will focus on how it all.It was on a day like any other and weather the sun was shining or the rain was coming down was not what my mind marked but the visit I paid my friend at the hospital in downtown Warsaw. Gosia, being the name of a friend of mine, who was due to have to cosmetic surgery on her nose. This the only part of her face which she had never been fully been satisfied with though I; in my esteem did not see the need for an operation yet the choice was not mine to make. I however did encourage her by saying that the operation was not something she should refrain from if it was that which she felt strongly about.

On that day, I remember arriving at the hospital sometime after midday and going to the reception area where I was told the room in which my friend was staying at. Thinking back it even seemed strange how at that moment, I started thinking not so much about my friend and her operation but what sort of person she would be sharing her room with and not even what illness he or she might have but if the other patient would be a man or a woman. This causing a strange sensation to come over me that my friend might be sharing her room with an attractive man or perhaps one who was at least interesting; so the three of us might have something to talk about during my visits.

The day after however on the Saturday that followed, I received a terrible surprise when I found out that the bed in which my dear Gianni had been sleeping in; was now being occupied by another patient. The news was like having a bucket of cold water fall over my head, for in all the time we had spoken not once did we exchange contact details, like cell phone numbers or email addresses or even our names on skype. I, even becoming saddened that he had not bothered to leave me any information about himself which might help me contact him in the future. All of which making me feel as if our intimacy and affections had been but illusions of mine which he apparently had not felt at all or at least not to the extent I had.

I, however did take comfort that I had helped a fellow human being recover and had felt something so wonderful for somebody, whose face I had yet to see and though my feelings had not been returned; I still did not regret having had them for this man who had given me so much in affection and in the kindness of his emotions. Gianni, in fact had even left a bouquet of roses which was given to me by one of the nurses with a card containing a message which to my way of thinking marked his very romantic nature in its words "you are the one who saw me through this time of need and I know it will not be long till I see you again as you will finally see me as I am".

Gianni's words at the time were a mystery, as he had been to me all along yet in a strange way, I did feel we would somehow, somewhere see each other again in ways that would not only include my dreams which he had already taken part in.As it turned out, I had not lost my Gianni but simply been separated from him for a short period of time which allowed me to see how much I wanted to be with him. As in the few days that followed not a minute had gone by without my mind holding thoughts of him or my nights not including visions of him and I making love or performing other acts of sexuality or sometimes; simply being together. I, at this point will not go on to tell of how Gianni and I made love not only that night but came to be together; as we still are in our present which includes a relationship of both adoration for each other as well as immense joy. My reasons being that what followed should be clear to the point that it all goes without saying yet I must say, I was surprised to find out that Gianni and Gosia had planned it all from the start.

It being a case that Gianni, had in fact never been sick or even injured but had been pretending all the time, to get my attentions and affections; in the hope that the two of us might fall in love just as we had. I, even feeling slightly irate at both of them yet I have to confess that their plan had made certain sentiments in me come to life, such as my instinct to help people in need and my desire for a tender being; who like myself was seeking for that special person.


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