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The fourth-generation iPod Shuffle, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs said people like last year's addition of Voiceover, a feature that dictates playlists and song information, but they "clearly missed the buttons" of the second-generation Shuffle. By moving buttons onto the earbuds, Apple prevented people from using their own sets without pricey adapters. It didn't help when some of Apple's own earbuds malfunctioned, forcing a replacement program. Jobs said the new Shuffle combines "the best of both worlds," which is a nice way of saying Apple messed up with the button-free model.

A teardown of the 2009 iPod Touch revealed an empty slot for a camera, suggesting that the device was at some point supposed to take pictures and video. Jobs said the camera was absent because Apple wanted to keep prices low, but rumors suggested that a technical defect forced Apple to pull the cameras earlier in the year. Whatever the case, Apple isn't so concerned about price anymore -- at $229, the 8 GB version is $30 more expensive than last year's model -- and now the iPod Touch has front- and rear-facing cameras.

Apple since its launch in 2007. Jobs said the product isn't a hit, even though the people who own Apple TVs love them. Now, the strategy for Apple TV revolves around affordability. The device is now $99 instead of $229, without the big hard drive of the previous generation, with an emphasis on renting $4.99 first-run HD movies and 99-cent Fox and ABC TV shows. If Apple was going to take part in a new battle for the living room, it had to reboot Apple TV.

iTunes is licensed for reproduction of noncopyrighted materials or materials the user is legally permitted to reproduce. Purchases from the iTunes Store are available only in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The iTunes Store #1 music download store according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Witness a prank in action. Or watch your friend on the other side of the country crack up at your stories from last night new iPod touch to new iPod touch or iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi. And all you need to get started is an Apple ID and an email account. You can choose an email account you already have or, if you prefer, set up a new one. You’ll never see fun the same way again.

That’s because it’s the highest-resolution iPod screen ever, with four times the pixel count of previous iPod models. In fact, there are so many pixels, the human eye can’t distinguish individual ones. Which makes graphics and images stunningly sharp, and text amazingly crisp.

This time we have iPod Touch with 2 Mega Pixels camera and 64 GB memory leaked video and images. And guess who’s got their hands on leaked iPod Touch, it’s Tinhte, the same Vietnamese forum that brought us details of leaked iPhone 4G.

Apple announced two new versions of iPod Touch, of 32GB and 64GB but unfortunately there is no camera integrated with these devices. According to Apple these new iPod Touches are 50% faster than the previous models.

The iPod touch App store helps you to access the world’s largest catalog of app with over 250,000 apps, including over 65,000 game and entertainment titles. This iPod is available in 8GB, 32GB and 64GB versions. The 8GB model is available for $229, 32GB is available for $299 and 64GB is available for $399.

The new 32 GB and 64 GB models boast a big performance boost–up to 50% faster than the previous models. They also come out of the box with the new iPhone 3.1 software, which instantly gives you access to features such as Genius Mixes, Genius recommendations for apps, Voice Memos, Peer-To-Peer Gaming, Spotlight Search, Cut/Copy/Paste, stereo audio over Bluetooth, Shake to Shuffle, Parental Controls, and the ability to purchase movies, TV shows, and audiobooks from the iTunes Store app.

I’ve never bought anything on the first day it was available, but I was off to Venice on the 5th, so I got an iPad on the 3rd. Even though I’m a Mac-only person, I never had an iPod or an iPhone, so I think that many of my problems arise from that and will probably go away in time.

The iPod touch is a great portable game player, designed to make playing games a great experience. New games are added to the App Store every day, and with Genius recommendations for apps, the App Store even suggests new ones based on what you’ve already downloaded. The touch is now a gaming platform in its own right, with more and more games taking advantage of the touch’s unique features, such as its motion-sensing accelerometer, real-time 3D graphics, and 3D positional sound. And games are only a part of the thousands of apps you can enjoy on iPod touch.

The iPod touch comes with the Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic; to activate Voice Control using the headphones, just press and hold the center area of the Apple headphone remote, One-year limited warranty with single incident of complimentary telephone technical support.

We can ship your iPod in our beautiful signature gift box along with a personalized greeting card and red ribbon.Simply check the box next to “This is a gift” during checkout and select the Apple Gift Package.The second-generation iPod Touch includes features that are light-years ahead of the competition, its design has improved, and its price has finally come down to earth.

The major Flaw with the iPod touch 3G’s app ability of course is the lack of multitasking. It’s a real bug bear on the always connected iPhone 3GS, and admittedly less of one here, but there are still times when we find ourselves cursing the iPod touch’s one track mind. Sure you can play your synced music while browsing the web, but wait until you try to use the superb Spotify iPhone app and you’ll see the limits: you can’t listen to the playlists you’ve paid for while doing anything else,

Apple gave a sneak peek yesterday into the future plans for iOS 4 going beyond the iOS4.1 revision which is going to be available for all iOS users next week.The most notable thing about iOS 4.2 is that it brings the long expected unification of iPhone OS 3.2 (the iPad’s current OS version), and the current core iOS 4.x incarnation, which is only for the iPhone and iPod Touch at the moment.

The two biggest reasons the scale is tipped in the iPad's favor are its 9.7-inch, capacitive multitouch display and iBooks. If you are in for a long commute, the larger screen will help save your eyes when watching movies rented from iTunes. Apple's iBooks is an impressive-looking e-book reader that displays titles in full color, has impressive page turning graphics, and allows readers to quickly flip through pages.

The iPod touch 3G is video. While movie files are easy on the eye on its 3.5-inch screen, and play completely smoothly, we’re becoming increasingly sick of Apple’s poor file format support. Apple made a smart move supporting the increasingly standard H.264 codec, but its refusal to add extra support for container files is irritating. If you’ve got a stack of AVI files on your computer, you’ll need to convert them (Lengthy), but we’re more concerned about the lack of future proofing here: we’d love to be able to play increasingly popular MKV files, but the iPod touch 3G just won’t play them.

In portrait mode, you can dive through song data in alphabetical order as before, while tilting into landscape mode gives you a colourful, if not practical, album browsing view (Cover Flow). We’re not so keen on Shake To Shuffle, which iPhone OS 3.1 brings to the iPod touch 3G, but the ability to control your music while the iPod is locked in so many ways (The screen, the remote buttons and Voice Control) will make it hard for you to consider any alternative music players.

It packs 326 pixels per inch, making it the highest-resolution iPod screen ever. To achieve this, Apple engineers developed pixels so small — a mere 78 micrometers across — that the human eye can’t distinguish individual pixels. Even though you can’t see them, you’ll definitely notice the difference. Text is remarkably sharp and graphics are incredibly vivid.

The original iPod Touch lacked email and applications (other than Web apps via its Mobile Safari browser), and it had other deficiencies, as well: no volume buttons, no speaker, no camera and no Bluetooth, although it featured WiFi networking, along with USB. As a media player, this iPod Touch was limited to 8 or 16 GB of storage vs. the iPod Classic's 80 or 160 GB capacity.

Games, first introduced in different form with the iPod Video in 2005, have really come into their own on the iPod Touch platform. Some game developers have even programmed their games to use higher-quality graphics on the faster second generation iPod range from traditional phone/PDA games, such as Bejeweled, to novel interfaces that exploit iTouch's unique motion sensor and multitouch screen, such as Rolando, Radius and Bloom. Many games have free "light" versions, with more levels or features in the paid versions.

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