Are You Smarter Than Your 10 Year Old Your Memery Stretch Long Enough

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Prior to the show, the children are provided with workbooks which contain a variety of material, some of which could be used in the questions asked in the game. One of the producers, Hannah Dobson, is quoted as saying: “A lot of it they’ve seen at school, it’s just refreshing their memories, really”. However, when pushed as to whether the packs contained a random selection of the syllabus or a very specific selection of information, she replied: “I would say it’s somewhere in the middle.” It can be argued that the questions are actually not representative of the general knowledge of the average 10-year old, however, as the TimesOnline article states, to have entitled the show "Are you Smarter Than a 10 Year Old Who’s Been Handpicked for High Academic Achievement and Been Given an Answer Pack While You Haven’t" would not have been as catchy as the current title.

These will include parents, older brothers and sisters, Aunts and Uncles or even Grandparents with a 10 year old relative all willing to take on answering questions on school subjects. Noel Edmonds returns as host of the primetime version of the show - Noel’s Are You Smarter Than YOUR 10 Year Old? - where contestants will now compete for an increased top prize of half a million pounds Also newcomer Damian Williams joins the roster to take control of the daytime series of Are You Smarter Than Your 10 Year Old? Damian is a fresh new face for Sky1 and will be bringing his unique style to the Nation’s favourite classroom.

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A child this young should really only have about 3-4 hours of formal study/learning time per day in order to keep it fun and interesting for the child. That is not to say that a 3 year old is not up to the challenge of learning kindergarten or above level material. I myself learned to read and write at the age of 3. Still a child that young is learning a lot about the world around them through playtime and free creative time as well, and this is equally important.I think it is also important for the child to get social interaction at this age. if the child is not going to learn that at preschool, then your wife needs to make sure the child is getting regular play dates and park time when other children are present. 


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