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The album begins with the title track, and we're told via the press release told that it is "an utterly unique concussion of rhythm, created from a looped sample of an old freezer slamming shut and a simple round of chords from an upright piano. The hypnotic density of the vocals and organic futurism of the instrumentation instantly rearranges any preconceptions about the 'Autolux sound.

This time we chatted with Geremy Jasper (former frontman for the band the Fever) and Georgie Greville, the members of the up-and-coming visual artist collective Legs who came up with the heavy metal aerobics fright fest video for Goldfrapp's "Alive". The clip finds Alison Goldfrapp leading a group of ghouls and girls through some heart-pumping moves. It's all cheeseball fun...and then a few necks get bitten. Then it turns into deathly and bloody cheeseball fun the best kind.

ATP Recordings artists AUTOLUX will play their first U.K. show in three years this December at The Garage as part of a European tour that also includes dates in Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris. The band recently released their long awaited second album Transit Transit to rave reviews. Here are the dates.

The first question it's gotten to the point where I find myself tuning out while my voice churns on in the backround. I've also begun to notice an inclination to make things up. So I will try to be as honest and present as possible. Basically the time span was bookended by label related issues. At the outset we realized we no longer had any sympathetic allies at Columbia/ Epic and it seemed pointless and very uninspiring to even try to make another record for them. So the first order of business was to get unentangled from Epic.

Then at the end of the process, after the record was finished we spent a while looking for the right home. It would have been pointless to let someone with lukewarm enthusiasm release it after all this time. Luckily between TBD and ATP we found exactly what we were hoping for. In between the label related stuff was the actual creation of the record, and all I can say is that it takes as long as it takes and hopefully next time will be a lot quicker.

the first time in months. Not surprisingly, there were more comments on my "Eric Crapton" a.k.a. "You Are Not Jimmy Page" rant. That thing has gotten me more emails than anything else I've ever written. And the emails can be divided into two categories: people who loved it and relate their own stories about some asshole hack guitarist who terrorized them in school, and people who yell at me for hating Jimmy Page and/ or saying Hendirx is the best guitarist ever.


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