Azher Khan Arrested By Police on His Date

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As we know these days Pakistan boost the police force in which a innocent person has been arrested near Ggulistan-e-johur Well the name of the person is Azher Khan and he was arrested on a date, with his girlfriend, while police investigate they blame them as to be involve in prostitution but later it was clear, that the girl is his girl friend who lives near his house Gulistan-e-johur.

The report was arrived from the police station of Aziz Bhatti - the matter ws solved the the family of both house, how ever Azher Khan , Elder brothers scold and beat him in love for this kind of ridiculous things, as they think its the time for studies of Azher khan.

The girl was released upon request of girls family and Azher khan we will not publish the name and picture of the girl but how ever you can look at the photo of Azher khan.


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