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Make Others Dance to your Tunes in the PS3 Version This version uses the PlayStation Move for motion tracking. But in the Wii version, you can team up with three other friends. They can sing along, karaoke-style and you can dance to their tunes, no pun intended.

Want to moonwalk and master the tricky dance moves of the King of Pop? You can slip into his shoes and see how it must have felt to perform these tricky moves in front of screaming fans and a packed theatre. Or you can call a friend over and compete with them in order to see who is better at playing Michael Jackson?

A new video game is going to be released in November called "Michael Jackson The Experience". True to its name, it will give you a first-hand view of his performances and his music. You will need to have an Xbox, Wii, PSP, PS3 or DS in order to enjoy this game. Another game was released in the nineties called "Moonwalker" in which Jackson had to save some children and had to defeat "Mr. Big" to do so.

"Michael Jackson The Experience" is different because, according to a press release, "The game needed to incorporate Michael's music and dance moves into the most innovative technology available, continually pushing the envelope at each turn."

The Wii Version of This Game
The Wii version of this game is really fun because gamers are given a remote that they need to clasp in their hand. There is an on-screen dancer who looks like Michael Jackson and the gamer has to imitate his moves by positioning the remote. A scrolling text shows you the moves you need to make. The really fun part is a scrolling text that also tells you where to place the remote as you move your body. This way, you are able to move to the rhythm of hit tracks such as "Beat It", "Bad" and so on.

The Xbox 360 Version
This is slightly different because it uses the forthcoming Kinect system from Microsoft that can track all your body moves. A camera projects your body positions onto the screen and onto the game environments. The game will be based on MJ's videos and hit concerts.

"Michael Jackson The Experience" is part of the portfolio diversification that his estate has taken on. Later this year, you will be able to hear some of MJ's music that has not yet been released, a Cirque du Soleil show will start a tour in 2011 and in 2012 a permanent one will be held.


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