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"Final Fantasy XIV", the title that has been in development for ages, had initially announced it would be exclusively available on PlayStation 3. PC Gamers received the happy news in June 2009 that the massively multiplayer online game would also be available for them. And now it seems that they are better off than owners of Sony's HD console: just once won't hurt!

If the PC version will see the light of day at the end of September, it won't be the case for game designed for PS3! It won't be available until the spring of 2011, in March if everything goes to plan. The producer of the title, Hiromichi Tanaka, admitted that the delay is due to the limited technical specifications of the PS3 from the random access memory (RAM) perspective.

Otherwise, rumours are still circulating well regarding a possible version for Xbox 360, a project which doesn't seem to have been definitively shelved...


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