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The Greater Burbank area features a wide array of entertaining and cultural events throughout the year. From all the excitement of Hollywood, concert venues and art exhibits to stunningly beautiful beaches, family friendly activities and outdoor outings, our exciting city is filled with an interesting mix of things to choose from. Search through our events blog for things to do while vacationing in Burbank, California.

The mall is also recipient of Best Shopping Center Community Impact” for work with We Care For Youth, a Glendale-based nonprofit organization offering job training and "life skills" courses to at-risk youth. We Care For Youth opened a retail outlet, Bliss Unlimited, in Burbank Town Center in 2005 on the first level of the Macy’s wing. Bliss Unlimited is an award-winning model of teen entrepreneurship. A youth-inspired, youth-directed business enterprise, the store gives teens get a hands-on opportunity to develop themselves, learn about business and discover what they are interested in.

Burbank is a short drive to some of the hottest attractions in Southern California. Bring the kids to Disneyland or Knott's Berry Farm for a memorable vacation. You can take a tour of Hollywood to see movie star homes and hangouts, and you can visit the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame and Sunset Strip. Take a drive to Beverly Hills and visit Rodeo Drive for some decadent shopping. There are so many things to do in and around Burbank.

The demonizing of Mr. Leno and corresponding beatification of Mr. O’Brien seem to be based on some weird notion of noblesse oblige, that ceding the stage to Mr. O’Brien would be the proper thing to do. This ignores the obvious facts that television is a business and it’s NBC’s money. Mr. Leno, his predictably dismal prime-time ratings aside, is the reigning king of late night; NBC wouldn’t be at this pass if it didn’t think that he could immediately return to and outperform Mr. O’Brien.

The film won top prizes at festivals in Canada and Hawaii. Three webisodes have garnered a sizeable following online, and the Ungers are already hard at work developing marketing tie-ins for the Punky Pets, including a line of toys and accessories. They hope the Burbank International Film Festival will be a launching pad for a series on network television. Charles Unger says the underlying theme of each program is unity through music.

Some of this year's participants are new to the industry. Others, like Burbank resident Mark Kirkland, have been seen on credit rolls for years in Kirkland's case, as director of 65 episodes of TV's The Simpsons. He has two entries. The first is something right up his alley, a two-minute animated short, "Animal Crackers," shot 32 years ago when the now-53-year-old Kirkland was a student at Cal Arts, and recently restored for a festival in Brazil.

Pedro Joel Espinosa, an undergraduate majoring in community studies, facilitated the making of an "observational documentary" entitled SIN Verguenza (Shameless Voices), about the experiences of UCSC students from migrant backgrounds. The students featured in the film, which is a work-in-progress, include Espinosa; all are members of an organization called Students Informing Now, a support group that does educational outreach to middle-school, high-school, and college students regarding issues faced by students from immigrant, working class backgrounds.


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