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The story of "Dead Rising 2: Case Zero" unfolds two years after the first "Dead Rising" and 3 years before the events that gamers are expecting to see in "Dead Rising 2". In it we discover the hero Chuck as well as his young daughter who is a victim of a zombie bite. The dirt-splattered father, who is a little too easily distracted, is robbed of his supply of Zombrex, the medication that allows him to treat his daughter and keep her human. Chuck hasn't a second to loose; he must get hold of a new source of the antidote!

Capcom has ultimately adhered to its schedule: "Dead Rising 2: Case Zero", exclusive to Xbox 360, is now available to download from Xbox LIVE. Rumours had been circulating implying that this appetiser for the title "Dead Rising 2" may be delayed before arriving at Microsoft's online store. But in the end, this delay only impacts the Japanese version of this much anticipated beat'em up.

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