Charon Discovered In 1978 At The United States Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station

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CHARON provides the operations of instantiation, hiding, and parallel composition on agents, which can be used to build a complex agent from other agents. The discrete and continuous behaviors of an agent are described using modes. For hierarchical description of the behavior of an agent.

Charon, was a breakthrough in gaining understanding of Pluto. By measuring the distance between the two and knowing the orbital period, it was possible to calculate for their mass. Charon's mass is about 9.6 x 10-10 solar masses. This is about 1/7th the mass of Pluto. The accuracy of Charon's density provided by the HST information is still being challenged by observers from ground based telescopes. Some theorize that Charon was formed when a planetesimal slammed into Pluto long ago, similar to the idea considered as the origin event of Earth's moon. "Pluto's axis or rotation and Charon's orbit are highly inclined, as we might expect from such an impact."

Upon its release, Downhearted charted at 3 on the Finnish album chart. After touring with two of Europe's most popular symphonic metal bands, Nightwish and After Forever, in 2002, Charon scored two more chart successes in their homeland with 2003 singles "In Trust Of No One" and "Religious Delicious". Both songs feature on album "The Dying Daylights", released in autumn 2003. Also during 2003, JP lent his voice to Poisonblack album "Escapexstacy", fronted by former Sentenced vocalist Ville Laihiala.

A mode is basically a hierarchical state machine, that is, a mode can have submodes and transitions connecting them. Variables can be declared locally inside any mode with standard scoping rules for visibility. Modes can be connected to each other through well-defined entry and exit points. We allow the instantiation of modes so that the same mode definition can be reused in multiple contexts.


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