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Christine O’Donnell has received from Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Express, and given their fervent belief that she’s a viable candidate, we have no doubt that support will extend into the general. Given that already strong level of support, I expect national Republicans will be re-directing their resources to other states like California, Washington and Wisconsin, where Republicans have an opportunity to win. But we look forward to Senator DeMint carrying through on his promise of an O’Donnell victory this November.”

The party's coordinated spending limit for a Senate nominee in Delaware is $87,000. The RNC and the NRSC each have that limit so it is double that amount. $174,000 total. Since the party is saying they will cut her off, this will be SCF's initial goal. We will likely raise her this money from grassroots by next week. If Ovide LaMontagne loses in New Hampshire because of the resources spent instead in Delaware, it'll be a long term bad night for conservatives. That said, the NRSC intends to spend nothing there so the Tea Party Express, Sarah Palin, etc. will have to step up to the plate now for Christine to fill the void left by the NRSC. Of course, the money the NRSC is not spending in Delaware will most likely be going to help some other candidate the NRSC opposed in the primaries.

She enters the fall race as an underdog to Chris Coons, a county executive who was unopposed for the Democratic nomination. The Republican state chairman, Tom Ross, said recently she "could not be elected dogcatcher," and records surfaced during the campaign showing that the IRS had once slapped a lien against her and her house had been headed for foreclosure. She also claimed falsely to have carried two of the state's counties in a race against Vice President Joe Biden two years ago.With unemployment high and President Barack Obama's popularity below 50 percent, Republicans said a run of hotly contested primaries this spring and summer reflected voter enthusiasm that will serve the party well in the fall. The GOP needs to win 40 seats to take the House and 10 for control of the Senate.

Rangel's principal challenger for the nomination in his Harlem-based district was Adam Clayton Powell IV, a state assemblyman whose father Rangel defeated 40 years ago. In the decades since, Rangel rose to become chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, with enormous power over taxes, trade, Medicare and more, but Democrats forced him to step aside from that panel while he battles ethics charges.He is accused of accepting several New York City rent-stabilized apartments, and omitting information on his financial disclosure forms. He's also accused of failing to pay taxes from a rental property in the Dominican Republic, and improperly soliciting money for a college center to be named after him. He has vowed to fight the charges, and faces an ethics committee trial, possibly after the elections.

Delaware, like Alaska, has a closed primary which bars independents from voting and so potentially provides a strong outlet for conservative anger over Mr. Castle's vote in favor of cap-and-trade climate policies and abortion rights. The state hasn't had a competitive GOP primary in a decade, which means voters aren't used to turning out for primaries. An O'Donnell upset is not out of the questi.The job of a candidate is to remain cool under pressure, no matter how they are provoked. Ms. O'Donnell doesn't clear that bar. Mike Castle is a moderate Republican facing a conservative primary electorate in an angry political climate. But from the evidence I've seen to date, Christine O'Donnell is no Joe Miller.

I hope you will join our movement to bring real change to Washington and truly serve the long-neglected needs of our state of Delaware. Together we can bring an end to partisanship and pettiness in politics. We can say "no" to life-long politicians who put their own ambitions before the good of our country and the needs of the people of their state. Politics is supposed to be about service not self-interest, and that's why I'm running for the U.S. Senate. Join me and we can truly make a difference.


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