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The Advent and Christmas season is a time to draw near to Christ, opening our hearts and minds to who Jesus is and why He came to live among us on that night in Bethlehem so many years ago. What does knowing Christ mean today, and what are the implications for our future? We offer the following Christ-centered seasonal meditations for your consideration.

Christmas is not simply a national or world holiday. It is a deeply personal event for every Christian. Being a “Christian” is not about just about observing a holiday or going to church or trying to live a good life. These are certainly worthy endeavors, yet can be pursued without any definitive spiritual connection to Jesus Christ. Being a “Christ-ian” means following Jesus and really dealing with who He is and what He means to you. If you haven’t done this, take a few minutes to truly consider Steps to Peace With God and the Good News of Jesus Christ, which is for all of us  especially you.

I realize that this comment is not always motivated by the cashier’s genuine interest in whether or not I enjoy my holiday. I’m aware that they may be saying this because they’ve been told to. I can envision the memo from K mart corporate headquarters directing cashiers when to switch from “Have a nice day” to “Happy Holidays,” on the assumption that this will somehow help cement a lasting bond between the store and the customer that won’t evaporate when a Wal-Mart opens across the street.

I’m aware of all that, and suspicious of the whole business. But at least once every year, I have a cashier who looks me in the eye and says “Merry Christmas,” and really means it. And it changes my whole day.Christmas Eve could be better option if you want to be with your family on the day of Christmas. This is a good option if you don’t mind the crowd and bit of extra money. Best would be to book in advance. And if you cannot book early and still want to make it cheap, Christmas day is the answer.

But flying on Christmas day has its own disadvantages. Once you arrive at your destination, most shops are closed. Not much dinner options. And you might not even get a ride from airport. Check if your hotel has an attached restaurant which actually serves food and that too at normal price. So plan carefully and avoid Christmas Eve travel. But of course, if you are flying to you family, then somebody will always be there to give you food, water and warmth!

There should be no spending limits. What is important in the gift is how much time you have put in it. We all know that an expensive but thoughtless gift doesn't really carry the same meaning as an inexpensive but thoughtful gift. So, if you are interested in a relatively expensive gift that your beloved must appreciate, but you give it up because its price, then you turn to choose a cheap one that you don't like it, why do you expect him or her to like it? How can the gift help your relationship. New sexy swimwear Direction of Fashion In the Season of Spring Ignore what the merchants are saying.


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