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In the performance of his career Malcolm McDowell is Alex, a young man of pure Id whose malevolence is matched only by his sense of aesthetics, particularly music. But the character of Alex is really the device Kubrick uses to drive home the true theme of this movie which is that the greater evil is the eradication of a person's ability to make their own moral choices. As such, the audience is put into the position of identifying with Alex's humanity even as they are repulsed by his actions. The way in which Kubrick accomplishes this makes this film worth seeing again and again.

The Short-Timers, is very much of the Vietnam experience realistic, frightening, and written in an amazing kind of language that echoes the uniqueness of Viet-speak the slang, the jargon, the sense of world-weary cynicism, I don't think one can make a case that any of these films is any more or less "realistic" than the other, though Apocalypse certainly goes into its own fantastic territory. Full Metal Jacket and Platoon were written and/or directed by men with extensive experience in Vietnam, and from what I've been able to pick up, both of them seem to be fairly realistic representations of service in Vietnam.

Drake said on the June 2 Fox News Radio broadcast that he didn't understand why people were upset with his comments, which were quoted from a webcast of his own daily radio talk show.

The setting of Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange is a grim future society run by the State and characterized by rampant youth violence. Alex and his gang assault, rape, and murder in a world where, according to one of Alex’s victims, there is no attention paid to earthly law nor order no more. In addition to the widespread gang brutality, Alex’s society is characterized by a corrupt government and police force, as well as a dismal communist-like working class living in apartments like prison cells and performing monotonous and mandatory work in State-run locations such as the Statemarts.

They subsequently get in a brawl with their rivals. Upon hearing the sounds of police sirens, Alex and his gang flee, stealing a car and driving into the countryside. They then gain entry to the home of Mr. Alexander, a writer, under false pretenses and assault him while violently raping his wife Adrienne Corri, all while Alex sings Singin’ in the Rain. When they return to the milk bar, Alex strikes Dim when he interrupts a female patron who is singing the Ode to Joy from the final movement of the Ninth Symphony of Beethoven, a composer Alex admires.


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