Colts Cruise In Manning Bowl | Manning Bowl Is A Former American Football And Soccer Stadium | The Indianapolis Colts Also Made Fewer Mistakes

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Peyton didn't just let his running backs have all the fun, though. He helped give a wet willy to his little brother's team with patient performance, using his running backs to augment his surgical strikes. The Colts superstar completed 20 of 26 for 255 yards and three TDs.On a first-and-10 in the second quarter, Manning used a play-action fake to lure safety Michael Johnson - on the field in place of a dinged-up Kenny Phillips for the series - up toward the line and then hit Dallas Clark for a 50-yard touchdown pass over Aaron Ross' coverage.

The Giants' offense spent the first half as if it were slipping around on Lucas Oil. Eli Manning's halftime passer rating was 6.2. The Giants, who thought they could build on their own momentum and take advantage of a Colts defense that was gashed for 251 yards by the Texans, managed only 58 yards. Twelve of those came on the meaningless final run of the second quarter by Ahmad Bradshaw ... and even that glimmer ended with a fumble.It could be worse,” Cooper says. “It’s not a boxing match. It’s a football game. I’m glad it’s early in the season, and not a pivotal Week 14 matchup. I’m glad they’re not in the same division. I’m so proud of both of them, and it’s pretty neat that they’re onstage for all to see. If I have to deal with three awkward hours every four years, so be it.”

Early in the week it was bothering me when I'd go to the right a little bit," Nicks told the New York Daily News. "But now I'm going in every direction fine."He did travel with the team to Indianapolis, but in the case that he can't play, third-year pro Mario Manningham will be the replacement starter.Cooper got a kick out of the hype preceding the NFL’s first meeting between sibling starting quarterbacks and had some fun on the field before the game. Then he settled into a luxury suite with parents Archie and Olivia (Peyton’s wife Ashley and Eli’s future wife Abby also attended) and started feeling like he’d rather be anywhere else.

The Giants regrouped on their first drive of the second half, although even that had its shaky moments, such as when Eli was hit by Dwight Freeney (and tackle David Diehl, who was pushed backward by Freeney) on the first play. Manning converted a third-and-7 pass to Smith before hitting Mario Manningham for a 54-yard TD down the left sideline.But after stopping the Colts' next possession and raising the possibility of a comeback, Freeney again beat Diehl - this time around the outside - and hit Eli's arm to force a fumble. Fili Moala recovered the ball in the end zone to make it 31-7 with 6:27 left in the third quarter.


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