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For those film buffs who love French cinema and have sufficient French to be able to follow non-subtitled films whilst lacking complete fluency in the language, one of the frustrations is missing the nuances with which the great French scriptwriters studded their screenplays. I’m speaking of course of the likes of Jacques PrĂ©vert, Henri Jeanson, Charles Spaak, from what we might call the First Wave, and Michel Audiard, Francis Veber, etc. from the Second. Les Tontons flingueurs falls firmly into this category, for Michel Audiard has sprinkled his one-liners like a trail of breadcrumbs that will lead the viewer unerringly to the climax outside the church.

In 1962, Georges Lautner, has just completed The Seventh Juror and The Monocle, photographed by Maurice Fellous. Alain PoirĂ© Gaumont Inter proposes that Lautner direct the adaptation of Albert Simonin’s detective story, Grisbi or not Grisbi. Film star Jean Gabin is to take the role of Fernand Naudin and wants to impose his usual film crew. But Lautner accepts on one condition that his own team accompany him on the film.

The only worry about Posey has been his left wrist (and trust us Giants fans, we know all about wrist injuries. I'm looking at you Renteria, Kent, and DeRosa. Apparently it has been bothering him all season, and to be honest, if the team is out of contention by the end of August, I wouldn't mind seeing him shutdown. As it is however, the injury doesn't seem to be affecting his play much as he continues to hit the ball with authority and take quality at bats, something of a rarity around these parts.

Mortgage rescue companies often promise that they can stop the sale of your home no matter how far behind you are on the payments. This is not always the truth. The mortgage rescue scam has become increasingly popular since the housing crisis of the last few years. The scam normally involves paying a company hundreds of dollars a month to prevent a foreclosure only to discover that the only thing the company did was cash your checks.

The mining boom has shrunk the current account deficit to its narrowest level in nearly a decade, boosting growth in the local economy as the Reserve Bank of Australia warns there is now a risk the US will fall into a double-dip recession.

The coffee was sampled in the infusions of drip/filtered, french press and siphon. The drip displayed a nutty, strawberry flavor with hints of wheat grass, milk, honey graham cracker and a smidge of cocoa. A very even and sweet coffee.


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