Daryl Hannah Rebuild in Kinglake Harmony Arrested

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She said: “At this critical moment in history, we are facing many crises: resource wars, mass extinctions, environmental disasters. It is crucial we all share information and inspiration on ways to care for and live harmoniously with this planet, other species and each other. Festivals like Mission Beach Film Festival play an important role in this evolution, and I am so happy to be delivering the opening address.”

Hannah had just arrived from Cairns where she had spent the last fortnight learning about permaculture - she'll also attend a permaculture conference in Kinglake this week.

Sci fi fans also had to wait sixteen years for the follow up to 2001 A Space Odyssey. 2010: The Year We Make Contact featured a whole new cast (save for Douglas Rain who reprised his role as the voice of HAL 9000) but original director Stanley Kubrick was given a cameo of sorts. He can be seen as the Soviet premier on the cover of Time magazine.

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