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McCluster says he's never seen anything like it."Tonight," he said with a smile on his face standing by his locker after the game, "all the other stadiums I played in don't compare. Hands down, Arrowhead is by far the loudest and the best."The announced crowd was just over 71,000 but with the weather they didn't quite hit that number in actual attendance. Still, that crowd was rockin' so loud that McCluster tells us he could barely hear himself talk.

So when the Chiefs selected Tennessee safety Eric Berry with their first round selection, the fans and experts remained convinced the team would address their tackle needs in the second round.They were all wrong.You see, head coach Todd Haley and new offensive coordinator Charlie Weis knew the team's offensive line was good enough to get this team into the playoffs in 2010.What this team was short on was playmakers.So Kansas City selected Ole Miss running back "slash" wide receiver "slash" kick returner, Dexter McCluster, with their second overall pick. Only the diehard college fans who follow the SEC in Kansas City even knew who he was.

Listed as a running back in most draft guides. Most fans were baffled why the team would draft a running back since the Chiefs had already signed free agent Thomas Jones to pair with Charles.That perception about McCluster quickly changed as soon as Chiefs fans started spotting highlight reels of the Rebels do-it-all star.
Read on to see the five reasons why McCluster's star will not only shine in Kansas City this fall, but he will become this team's most valuable player.

The coaches have their agendas,” Haley said of his assistants, and he proceeded to rattle off the names of four coaches who want their due time with McCluster.Haley said that coordinator Charlie Weis would use McCluster on every play if he could. Assistant head coach Maurice Carthon wants to steal him to play running back. Receivers coach Richie Anderson and special-teams coach Steve Hoffman want him, too.
My job becomes: ‘OK, the guy can’t play 120 plays in a game,’ ” Haley said. “What can he play? What is the best thing for the team?”What the Chiefs are finding out after a month of training camp and preseason practice is that McCluster fits almost anywhere, and that’s tempting for an offense that needs playmakers. But it’s up to Haley to ration McCluster’s touches, not only to evaluate other players but also to keep the 5-feet-8, 170-pounder in one piece.

Even though McCluster had the big return, I would still be giving the bulk of the returns to Arenas. That's because he's shown, over a long period of time, that he can handle the job and handle it well. With McCluster, the Dante Hall effect comes into play. You don't want his time as a returner to affect his offensive output.I know McCluster had the big return but I think the Chiefs best production would be to have Arenas handle the bulk of the return duties and McCluster staying fresh on offense.

I’ve shown that I’m not the biggest guy out there,” he said, “but I can play with all my hear  I want to make sure that when my number is called that, you know what, I’m going to make something happen.“At the end of the night, they’re not going to see me as a small guy. They’re going to see me as maybe the quickest or the guy who’s going to give it all up for his teammates.”


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