Fat Families There's Nothing Remotely Sophisticated About Self-Appointed Chub-Buster Steve Miller

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FAT FAMILIES is a new six-part series that sees straight-talking fat-loss expert Steve Miller move into the homes of some of Britain’s fattest families. Steve will be using a range of shock tactics in a bid to help them lose weight before it’s too late. They might blame their genes, but Steve will prove that it’s not genetics that’s making these families fat – it’s a world of entrenched habits and over-large portions that’s left them suffering health problems including diabetes, asthma, and sleep apnoea. Steve will use his no-nonsense approach to bring years of denial come to an end, and make these families recognise that things have got to change.

Research suggests that 25% of all adults and 16% of children in the UK are now classified as clinically obese. Steve believes mollycoddled Britons need to be told a few home truths if they are to live happier and healthier lives and avoid becoming part of this statistic.Each week Steve will be moving in with a fat family to attempt to break their bad habits and create a drastic plan of action. To do this he will live their unhealthy lifestyle for 24 hours to get a clear sense of the problem first hand.

This could mean consuming up to 7,000 calories in one day or eating ten bags of crisps in a single sitting! To find out just how fat they really are, he’ll get them to strip down to their swimmers to confront their size for the first time in years, as well as having a full medical body MOT. Remarkably, though, where I’d have been tempted to shove a custard pie in Miller’s chops just to put a stop to one of his endless string of alliterations or sledgehammer questions – ‘Premature death? How do you feel about that?’ – Neil and Toni Blackholly found perverse inspiration in his bully-boy tactics and the weight fell off them like the shimmering stack of lard thoughtful Steve had shoved in front of them.

Then the penny dropped. The Blackhollys must have become addicted to losing weight this catch-up show saw them shrink before our eyes as between them they shifted an impressive 12 stones-plus in six months just so they’d never have Miller in their face shouting: ‘Mr & Mrs Massive Fatty!’ at them ever again. One day, though, Miller will surely come across someone who can’t resist the urge to flatten him. Steve Miller is a highly respected and hugely successful clinical hypnotherapist, motivational trainer, coach and author. His recent books, including Get Off Your Arse And Lose Weight, and Get Off Your Arse And Grab That New Job!, reflect this no-nonsense approach. Steve has won his own battle of the bulge, he used to be three stone over weight but using his hard-line approach he has slimmed down to a healthy size. No one is better equipped to help our families attack the fat.


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