Google Voice The Incredible Clarity Make you Fall in Love

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Well the new technology of Google the Gmail phone or the Google voice just amazed the whole world it has the ability to call any where in the world even US and Canada is free - it makes it to leave behind all of its competitors  and the best part of this feature is - The integration in Gmail so now you can call directly like if you have an important email referring you to call, just make the Gmail call !.

As per the personal experience of people with this new incredible service , many people have issues forgetting their account name and password even the email address or just signing up to make a call somewhere and loading it with your credit card can be a security issue any time.

But with this new mind blowing service of Google you can manage, record, feed information, phone book at one place the account you use for you Google, and the voice clarity was incredible enough to love this new service of Google, Reported by our Technology staff other competitors start facing a big loss at the time this service introduced.


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