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 The former American Idol judge will serve as the series' lead judge, mentor and coach, as well as an executive producer.The series, based on a similar reality series in the UK, is described as the first dance series featuring competitors from all ages and all genres. Viewers can vote for their favorite contestants to send them through different stages of the show, like similar series such as So You Think You Can Dance.

I have to thank Willy and Melissa for asking me to participate in this. It was a very last minute decision, we choreographed a routine within 2 hours just a night before audition on the next morning. You should have seen our faces, we got so damn excited when we met Kyogo in person! His english is superjitao the dope and he is so humble!That is also the most hectic week ever. We have to learn the choreography within 16 hours. Monday to Thursday from 7pm - 11pm. Usually we have to end up taking cabs home, my bank savings are depleting like crazy on that week as well. LOL.

I feel that Kyogo is really an awesome teacher and a dancer. He has been very patient with us, guiding us with passion, and giving us words of wisdom in dance. Hanging out with him is pure joy as he's a very nice and outgoing person. I really admire his style of Hip Hop and I like his style too. Too bad he won't be in Osaka in October Marzipan.

For today’s task the Ultimate Big Brother housemates will be required to create their own synchronized dance routine, inspired by dance Britain’s Got Talent act stars Flawless. They will become the dance act… Flawed! Flawless themselves will be on hand to give housemates a master class of dance moves and to help choreograph the routine.

This song was always one of my favorites as a little girl, but now has an even bigger place in my heart because of the people I sang this with after each performance. I got to see a video another alum shot of the first full day of camp with all members attending. It was incredible and brought back so many memories of that first day of camp for me in 1996. It is still emotional to hear this song sung by the members of the band.


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