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Talent shows can showcase your abilities, and choreographed dance routines are a favorite in talent shows. However, if you don't adequately prepare, your act could appear convoluted and disorganized. Every detail needs to be planned out if you want your dance routine to go off without a hitch.

Choose a dance style you want to perform. Dance routines that incorporate multiple styles have a tendency to look chaotic and disorganized. It's okay for a contemporary routine to have elements of ballet, but you don't want to try to transition from hip hop to salsa.Pick out the song for your dance. Consider a popular song most of the audience members will know. A familiar song will help the audience feel more connected to you. Make sure the song's tempo is appropriate for your style of dance.

Choreograph your routine. Get the exact dimensions of the stage and try to use the entire space. This step requires the most time and effort. Some dancers can effortlessly freestyle through a song, but a talent show isn't the time to make it up as you go. Ask other dancers and instructors for input as you put your routine together.Show off your choreography to a few friends you trust to be honest with you. It's helpful if these friends have a dance background. Be open to their constructive criticism. Try not to be overly attached to your routine at this point because you'll be less likely to make changes necessary to improve your routine.

We are a dance group, South London based. We started dancing just as friends but now it feels like we’re just a big family now. Dance changed a lot of our lives. I lived on an estate, there was nothing to do, I saw a dance class so I started going there. I didn’t come home just to start hanging round on the estate after school.‘As individuals we’ve all got different stuff that we do during the week. We’ve got full-time workers, we’ve got students, we’ve even got a dad, but in our spare time, in the evenings, no matter how tired we are we’ll all come together and do the dancing. Today is very important. It’s life changing’.

This next act think their talent could make them international stars. By day they are teachers, market researchers and shop assistants but by night they are Dance Flavourz, a carnival themed dance troupe consisting of 11 female dancers and one male dancer/singer.The big dream is that Dance Flavourz be known worldwide,’ says 37 year old group leader Frances. ‘The group has been together for three years now. We’ll bring a lot of fun and colour in to Britain’s Got Talent and I’m sure the male judges will like what I’ve got with me.’

After the shock result was announced by Ant and Dec, one member of the troop said: “I was getting so excited thinking we were second. we feel electric. Words can’t describe it. I am genuinely shocked. we thought Susan was unstoppable. She’s an unbelievable talent. can I just say, everyone who voted, you’ve changed her lives.Even the judges looked stunned by the result, as Susan graciously accepted defeat. Piers Morgan said: “I am officially a donut for saying Flawless were better. Diveristy were fantastic and a very worthy winner.”Asked what she’ll do next, Susan added: “I hope to get an album out and I’ll just play it by ear. what a journey. It was unbelievable and very humbling. thank you for everything.

In last night’s final Simon also praised Shaheen Jafargholi, saying his performance had convinced him it was right to put kids on stage. The lad was described as “absolutely unbelievable” by judge Piers Morgan.The Swansea 12-year-old sang another Jackson five classic, Smokey Robinson-penned Who’s Loving You.Dressed in a blue shirt and waistcoat, he said: “Ever since I came out and sang in the semi-final I couldn’t wait to get back.” Simon said: “This debate about why we put kids on has really made me think this week.


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