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One of my favorites and a sure crowd pleaser. The thing I like best about these cookies is sticking it to the man. You see, I first became aware of these cookies thanks to a Harry & David’s catalog. However, they wanted $26 per pound for these things. Nowaways, the price has gone down a bit. They looked really yummy but I was not willing to pay that much for what appeared to be butter cookies glued together with fruit jelly.In technical industries this is called reverse engineering: Figuring out the original recipe when you only have access to the final product (or a picture of the final product).

Here are the two paragraphs that matter  the ones that commit the TUC to actually doing something,Congress instructs the General Council to work closely with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign to actively encourage affiliates, employers and pension funds to disinvest from, and boycott the goods of, companies who profit from illegal settlements, the Occupation and the construction of the Wall.This blanket endorsement of the BDS campaign and the PSC is a major change in TUC policy, which used to be committed to a strategy of engagement and reconciliation. No longer.

Congress instructs the General Council to bring to Congress a report on the impact of the boycott and investment withdrawal strategy, together with the outcome of the PGFTU/Histadrut discussions recently facilitated by the ITUC and TUC. Congress agrees to join unions around the world for maximum coordination internationally for active solidarity to end the siege of Gaza and for a free Palestine.”

The resolution acknowledges barely Histadrut cooperation with the Palestinian unions. But the drafters were clearly clueless about this, as they refer to ‘discussions’ rather than the actual cooperation on the ground that was discussed at the TUFI event.With the passage of this resolution, the TUC, which once encouraged peace and reconciliation betwee Israelis and Palestinians, has chosen the side of those who reject the peace process.


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