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The reason I ask is, although it’s easy enough to accommodate the Corporate Sector history of the Brian Daley novels and details about Nar Shada from Dark Empire, the Crispin novels basically carpet his entire life and cover all the fun stuff so completely that it’s difficult to write around them. Normally I’m sympathetic to the canon, but when we’re talking about a world where no one can seem to agree on whether this bounty hunter was killed inside the Pit of Carkoon, or that bounty hunter shot first, I figure what’s “canon” is up for debate.

According to the news from Hong Kong’s Sing Pao, even after going solo from Korea’s popular group Super Junior, Han Geng’s popularity remains high. He, who had just released a solo album in July, has successfully been included in the nominees list of China’s Favourite Male Singer of the Year award, and will compete with Sun Nan, Huang Xiao Ming, and Chen Kun for the title.

The danger lies in the fact that decisions based on them are not based on truth, common sense, logic, legality, one’s best interests or right and wrong but on emotions favoring those who put forth the more powerful arguments. They are designed to benefit someone else.

There will be pre-sale tickets (limited tickets on first and middle zone of the fan meeting for 3500 bhat ticket and the first 2 zones of 2000 tickets) before the tickets will be sold throughout Thai Ticket Major on 15 September 2010. For 3500 baht ticket, you will recieve a Taiwan version GengXin Album for free of every ticket and for 2000 baht ticket, you will get a free poster for every ticket. For those who buy 3500 baht tickets, you will get a chance to get Geng’s signature for only 300 fans and 50 fans will get a chance to have a group picture with Geng.

The title is pretty self explanitory. this is my stuff. my voice. filtered through nothing else but me. this is the project where i get to be a control freak. and i love it! i am influenced by so many different people that i need a place where i’m not held down by what type of music i or someone else thinks i SHOULD be playing. this is the stuff that just comes out of me. though i am not closed off to other peoples opinions and ideas, i feel completely free to reject them if they don’t fit. I’m in the studio working on this right now with my dad producing and it is so incredibly exciting! i can’t sleep because i have all these ideas swirling in my head. it’s like something just turned on inside me and i don’t want it to ever turn off. Honestly, i feel like i am falling in love with someone. all you want to do is explore all the possibilities of them and fall for each one.

The Thailand last year when it was time for dinner in the evening, in order to perform the duties of the local host and to entertain his good friend, Show Luo especially bought local Taiwanese delicacies of pan-fried buns, onion pancakes, green bean soup and marinated food etc, in the end he fixed it up with less than NTD 300. Both of them hilariously fed each other. After being mocked as being too stingy, Show Luo retorted: “what I have bought is not only food I love to eat myself, the important thing is these foods are the most local flavors of Taiwan.


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