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style of draping the sari. A sari is a large piece of cloth which can be draped in different styles depending the state you are in and also sometimes for different occasions. It portrays grace, beauty and value of customs. Even Indian brides choose to wear Sari for their marriages.

The Indian Kurti is another famous type of attire worn by Indian youth. Women wear these knee-length or short kurtis on churidars, skirts or pants. They are available in different colors, patterns, etc. keeping women of all ages in mind. It looks ethnic as well as pretty chic. During special occasions like marriages, engagements, traditional parties, etc; women wear Lehengas. They are either embroidered heavily or have heavy work of stones, beads, etc. They look very elegant and could be a little expensive as well depending on the amount of work you require.

Indian women also prefer wearing skirts. Especially long skirts and wrap rounds are most popular in Northern India. The new emerging trend is of wearing silk skirts with big floral prints on them. Fashion for Indian women would be incomplete without Indian jewelry. Bangles, golden earrings, anklets, etc. are very much well-liked. During weddings and special traditional occasions women prefer heavy set of earrings and necklace. Another accessory without which an Indian woman is incomplete is bindi. It is put on the forehead by the women which adds zing to their attire and makes them look more Indian. Trends keep on changing on a regular basis and eventually it all depends on the way you carry it.

Thanks to the foreign traders, Indian fashion is constantly emerging and evolving. It has been observed that the Indian fashion industry generally gives so much of Indian touch to all the foreign designs that the original design is unidentifiable. Globalization of Indian economy has proved to be a boost for the Indian fashion industry. Is the Indian fashion is emulating the west? The answer would be yes up to a great extent.

There are various reasons for influence of western fashion on Indian costume industry. First one would be broad minded culture united with enriching diversities. India is a country with many cultural groups and various languages. The special feature about this is that each group has a different style and the types of dresses and costumes also differ. Indian fashion designers entwine these various trends and give them wonderful Indian touches.

We are back with our Style Icon for this month, and the Woman With Style on YST for September is Navnit Grewal, a lecturer in the field of computers.Check out her very chic and funky style here and don’t miss the way she has used accessories to complete the desired look in almost every picture. We also loved the butterfly tattoo she has on her arm.The India International Jewellery Week (IIJW) was recently held at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai.Designs were showcased by brands like Gitanjali, Mirari and designers like Farah Khan and Varuna Jani. Check out some of the designs here and we want to let you know that we are showing only those designs that we at YST liked best.

Cotton Casual outfit are extremely comfortable and look very elegant on women of all ages. Here you will find the latest fashion designs in Pakistan and India from the dress designers who strive to make you look good and stand out by enhance these dresses by unique embellishment using different kinds of Embroideries, Block Print, Bead, Sequins, Zardosi, Dabka, Tilla work, Ghara work, cut work etc.
Indian movies are the most influencing aspect. People of India have a lasting impression on them by watching Indian movies. People blindly follow what the celebrities are wearing in the films. Many of the Indian movies have usage of western patterns in their costumes and this is eventually followed by the Indians. A change has also been brought in the style and lifestyle of Indian youth because of overseas education and employment opportunities available abroad.


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