Jimmy Darmody Makes His Way To The Podium To Whisper To Thompson

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First, there’s a young lady in the audience who’s eying Nucky quite intently. That’s Margaret Schroeder. She’s a good Irish girl who’s married with two children and a third on the way, but her husband’s going to be out of a job come the end of tourist season, and she was so affected by Nucky’s speech about how he and his family once had to eat wharf rats to survive (a tale which was either heavily embellished or, more likely, completely fabricated) that she later decides to venture forth to Nucky’s office and ask if she can find work for his husband when the time comes.

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Meet Jimmy Darmody. He’s been part of Nucky’s inner circle for many moons, and after fighting for his country in World War I, he’s now back at Nucky’s side. Once he was a boy, but now he is a man…and he’s looking to be acknowledged as such. Unsurprisingly, it’s hard for Nucky and his guys to see him that way. Jimmy’s tensions rise to the surface when he and Nucky visit a bootlegging operation in the basement of a local funeral home. After Jimmy takes a swig of some formaldehyde-laced liquor, fists and bullets start flying, with one of the latter going through the basement ceiling and straight into a funeral.

Jimmy and Nucky finally have it out, with Nucky breaking out his wad of bills and Jimmy dismissing it, saying that he doesn’t want money, he wants an opportunity. After being picked up by the revenuers, though, Jimmy decides to make his own opportunity, teaming with some of Johnny Torrio’s boys one of whom is a young up-and-comer by the name of…wait for it…Al Capone to step in and swipe a shipment of Canadian Club intended for Nucky.


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