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The University of Kalyani was established in 1960 with a campus area of over 400 acres in Kalyani town. It is well connected by road and railway, with a railway station very close to the University.The University is situated in a locality surrounded by a rural setting within a rural backdrop and it caters mostly to the students of rural and backward areas. Yet, its distance from Kolkata is only 50 km. This locational advantage of the University makes it particularly suitable for the 'Cafeteria Approach' to higher education.

The faculties undertake consultancies and projects in collaboration with Industry.
This Department is an ENVIS Centre on Environmental Biotechnology (MoEF Supported) since 2002 and also a part of Sustainable Development Network Programme (SDNP) since the year 2005.Thus, education, research, networking and industry-institute relationship - all of these factors are taken care of in the Department of Environmental Science, University of Kalyani.This small department has a significant and well-organised Alumni Organisation - KUESAA (Kalyani University Env Science Alumni Association).

The University of Kalyani offers all sorts of basic infrastructural facilities to students. Central library of the university is of quite good standard and for the purpose of enhancing computer awareness among students this university also contains a separate computer center. Sports facility in this university is quite well structured. Yoga center, gymnasium and all sorts of sports related accessories are provided to the students from the university authority.
There is a separate health care center in this university, which offers free medical check up to students, teachers and all those stuffs who are related to the University of Kalyani.

Kalyani University was founded in 1960 with an area of the campus more than 400 acres in Kalyani town. Is well connected by road and rail, with a railway station very close to the university.The university is located in a place surrounded by a rural setting within the rural background, mostly because they provide services to students from rural and underdeveloped areas. So far, and its distance from Kolkata is only 50 km. This spatial feature of the University makes it suitable especially for the ‘cafeteria approach’ to higher education.Kalyani University has not yet been posted on the BA BA. B can com (Hons and General) Part 2 examination result 2010.you verification of results below.

The Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication now has a new building on the University of Hyderabad campus at Gachibowli. A week-long cultural fiesta was organized (March 13-19) on the occasion by the University. The best part - it was open to the public. I attended the final day of the festival - a wonderful music and dance performance by students from the Mahasarakham University, Thailand.


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