Kristen Stewart – Is going to Hide from Media

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The media has linked her to her co star Robert Pattinson and the guessing game still continues as to whether they are a couple or not. Every move that they make makes it to the web and Kristen seems to be unable to take in all the media intervention in her life. Kristen also went to the extent of saying that the constant media attention felt like rape. However after hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons she was quick to apologize to sort out things with the media.

However she was recently caught on camera avoiding the press in Argentina on August 29. Kristen looked like as if she was annoyed with the media as she was preparing to fly out from the Buenos Aires International Airport. She covered herself in order to avoid the media clicking her pictures .Kristen was present there to shoot for a new film at Patagonia. Kristen latest film “On the Road “ is already creating ripples as many believe that her bold onscreen persona is an attempt to get over from her candy floss image so that she is taken more seriously as an actress .

However its time to realize that media plays a vital role in the life of a celebrity so it’s time to kiss and make up.


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