Lakme Fashion Week Design and New Style Show Online

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"The idea behind the show was art decor 2050. Art decor was a period of 1920s and 1930s when women for the first time decided to leave body fitting clothes and come out loose. So I took elements from people of that era and gave it a futuristic turn," Arora told IANS.

Dressed in Yellow Organic cotton outfit from Anita Dongre’s summer resort collection, Mallika was looking gorgeous and for which viewers as well as media were constantly putting their eyes and cameras on the beautiful actress.

Surprisingly, Mallika was not a showstopper at the event. She attended the show being invited as a guest on request of the designer Anita Dongre.

Speaking about the eye-catching installation, Paul B said: "It's a towering shoe that resembles a cocoon spun by a silk worm, out of which is about to emerge a beautiful butterfly. It symbolises the emergence of a fashion forward diva. With this shoe, we've created a playground for an urban fairytale."


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