A League Of Their Own Is Television Panel Game In The United Kingdom

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The league was formed when the recruiting of soldiers during World War II resulted in a shortage of men's baseball teams. The AAGPBL continued after the war (until 1954), and Marshall's movie depicts the league in full swing, beginning when a savvy baseball scout (Jon Lovitz) finds a pair of promising new players in small-town Oregonian sisters (Geena Davis, Lori Petty). The sisters are signed to play for the Rockford Peaches near Chicago, whose new manager (Tom Hanks) is a former home-run king who wrecked his career with alcoholism. They're all a bunch of underdogs, and Marshall (with a witty script by Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel) does a fine job of establishing a colorful team of supporting players including Madonna and (in her movie debut) Rosie O'Donnell.

The Galileo Managed Sports Fund, which launched in April under the umbrella of the nine-year-old Centaur Group, is the world's first sports-betting hedge fund. The idea has been knocking around for a while. Six years ago, Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the National Basketball Assn.'s Dallas Mavericks, proposed a similar fund, only to see his idea crash on the shoals of American prohibitionism. While the NBA forbids anyone involved with the league from betting on its games, there was a larger problem: Outside of Nevada, Delaware, and Oregon, betting on sports is largely illegal.

A casual fan, Woodhams says that when he watches sports now he feels like Neo in The Matrix, seeing numbers and betting possibilities emanate from the screen. Woodhams believes such bets are safer than investing in the financial markets because of the volatility of the latter and the factors that influence the former. "I was talking to a hedge fund manager the other day," he says. "He was talking about his approach to the markets, which was clinical. Then he told me after a long day he'll bet on some games, and it's all emotion. It's as though he's a schoolboy betting on his favorite team."

This virtual scrapbook is filled with articles, photographs, interviews, and statistics that give you an up-close-and-personal look at the pioneering women who played professional baseball from 1943 through 1954. Within these pages, you'll learn the true story of the athletes whose exploits inspired the feature film, "A League of Their Own." You'll also meet their managers, their chaperones, their batgirls, and even some of their fans. So warm up your clicking fingers and play ball.


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