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When you scratch your chin, wring your hands, wrinkle your nose, or swallow too much, Dr. Cal Lightman knows you're lying. He doesn't just think so, he knows so, because he's taken his exceptional skills of observation to become the foremost deception expert in the country. Being a human lie detector, Cal can uncover the deepest secrets and crack the hardest cases. More accurate than any polygraph test, he knows when those in front of him are being less than forthcoming, be they family, friends, or complete strangers.

The world's leading deception expert. If you lie to Lightman, he'll see it in your face and your posture or hear it in your voice. If you shrug your shoulder, rotate your hand or even just slightly raise your lower lip, Lightman will spot the lie. By analyzing facial expressions and involuntary body language, he can read feelings ranging from hidden resentment to sexual attraction to jealousy. His work gives him the knowledge and skill.

The security lockdown, and subsequent mandatory Q&As, were an economical device, not to bring out unambiguous truths, but to create suspense (while Will's investigation moved on its own track at its own pace) and to highlight some of the personal and professional tensions in the API office. As Ken Tucker at EW noted, one strength of Rubicon is that it's an excellent picture of office life—but in this case, an office life with the added stressors of enforced secrecy and knowing that in this job a screw-up could amount to a national security breach and prison.

There's an issue with your comparing Cal's case to the terminally ill. I have heard cases where people who had a terminal illness miraculously get better because they didn't know. I have heard perfectly healthy people die because they thought they had a terminal illness, but didn't. It's not black-&-white, & that's why I don't believe honesty is always best for terminal illnesses. Try to give the patient hope (yes, even false hope lie), just to ensure the best chance of survival both psychologically & physiologically. Still, you really can't know how you would react until you've been in a situation like this, especially when you're emotionally vested in the sick person like Cal kinda was.

The FBI franchise limited our storytelling a little bit because it had to adhere to the FBI structures of ‘Would the FBI take this case or not, Graziano continues. “The character that’s going to be our badge this season is a bent cop, Wolowsky [The Unusuals' Monique Gabriela Curnen], who goes about business in a similar way to Lightman. There’s a mutual respect from the get-go. We’re working hard to make The Lightman Group a dysfunctional family.

Helfer will play Naomi, who's attracted to Lightman Tim Roth despite being frustrated by the inability to hide anything from him. But when she calls on Lightman for protection from a violent ex-boyfriend, it's Lightman who begins to wonder if her beauty has impaired his lie-detecting skills.


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