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Saanich Police Department which is still unable to solve this 2008 murder hoped that Dateline NBC would bring in some important leads from the viewers to solve this case.Saanich Police Sgt. Dean Jantzen added that police will respond every tip and by presenting Lindsay Buziak murder case at Dateline NBC police would be able to have opinion and leads from more people hoping that show will make a difference.

About bringing the case to Dateline, the police said that they believe there people who knew more about this case than was share with them and they will hope for a call to send their detectives in the right direction.Previously Dateline viewers have helped police in solving few mystery murders and by presenting the case to such a large audience police is hoping for a directed lead and they have iterated that they would not mind if the leads goes international, they would happily follow it.

The unsolved 2008 murder of real estate agent Lindsay Buziak received North American attention tonight when American news program Dateline NBC aired a one-hour special on the local case. For the first time ever, Buziak's boyfriend atSAANICH – A $100000 reward has been posted in the Lindsay Buziak murder. It was two years ago today the young Victoria realtor was brutally killed while showing a home in Saanich. The cash, contributed by family plus the Canadian Real.

Buziak was a young real estate agent working to establish herself in the Victoria market when she was contacted by a man and woman who said they were interested in a million-dollar property at 1702 De Sousa Pl. in Gordon Head.Media reported widely that Buziak expressed trepidation at the showing, but Saanich police yesterday dismissed those reports, saying while Buziak felt the showing was unusual because she was not the listing agent, she wasn’t apprehensive about it.

While some reports indicated Buziak asked her boyfriend, real estate agent Jason Zailo, to check on her at the house, Horsley said Zailo went to the house because he had real estate documents for Buziak to sign.Saanich police received their first 9-1-1 call when Zailo arrived with a friend and found the front door locked. Horsley said that as a real estate agent, Zailo instantly knew something was amiss, since standard practice is for the front door to remain unlocked during a showing.

They also looked at Buziak’s text messages, and found that she responded to text messages during the showing until sometime between 5:42 and 5:44 p.m., indicating the attack occurred then. Horsley said Buziak had no idea she was about to be attacked and no opportunity to fight her killers or to make any 9-1-1 or other calls for help.


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