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Gray spent months some thought too many months quietly taking soundings around the city. There wasn't a politician, pundit, community activist or civic leader who, during that period of quiet consultation, didn't converse with Gray about a possible challenge to Fenty. And Gray also got an earful about what they didn't like about the mayor and his way of doing business.

By the time Gray entered the race, he knew who was on his side, ready to go the distance against an incumbent who had already raised millions of dollars for his reelection bid. Working in Gray's favor was a network of people built up over the years that knew, liked, and trusted him to be a person of his word. The money, Gray knew, would come later. First he needed a cadre that believed in what they were doing. That's what he put together, and right under Fenty's nose.

There are a few others in the Fenty administration who should be asked to stick around as well. School Chancellor Michelle Rhee could have been one of them. But, unfortunately, she took that decision out of Gray's hands when she decided last week to work publicly for his defeat in the mayor's race. Having told Gray by her action where she stands on him, she has no reason to think that he, as mayor and her future boss, would expect her to stand with him now. She should do the honorable thing and tender her resignation, leaving it to Gray to decide, after an open exchange of views with her on educational reform issues, whether he wants her to stay.

A very loud white man wearing a Gray T-shirt keeps screaming, "Sinclair Skinner, Sinclair Skinner," right in the mayor's face, invoking the name of Fenty's controversial fraternity brother and friend, who has gone from failed businessman to flourishing contractor over the past four years.Fenty started this visit with a big smile, calling out greetings, but now he steps silently through the barrage, the veins in his head bulging, eyes wide, lips tightened. Finally, a man crosses the street, hand extended.

In 2000, Fenty was elected to represent Ward 4 on the Council of the District of Columbia. As a council member he gained a reputation as a champion for public services, occasionally challenging the policies of Mayor Anthony Williams’ administration. Fenty was reelected in 2004. In 2005, he announced his candidacy for mayor. During his second term on the City Council, he served as Chairperson of the Committee on Human Services, overseeing the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, the Child and Family Services Agency, the Department of Human Services, and the Office on Aging.

Such a scenario is legally possible, according to Alysoun McLaughlin, the public affairs manager for the D.C. Board of Elections.There is no requirement to file with our office prior to an election,” McLaughlin wrote in an email to The Daily Caller. “Also, while a candidate must be registered with a political party in order to be listed on the ballot, there is nothing to prevent a candidate from switching parties after an election in order to claim a nomination won as a write-in.D.C. Republican Committee executive director Paul Craney told TheDC that while Republicans liked Fenty’s appointment of Rhee, they were not taking a position on the Democratic primary, nor were they prepared to say whether they would support Fenty if he sought to challenge Gray as a Republican.

In many ways, nearly everyone agrees, he has delivered on his promise to shake things up. His schools chancellor, Michelle A. Rhee, has garnered national attention for pushing through new performance standards and firing hundreds of teachers deemed to be inept. Endorsing Mr. Fenty’s bid for re-election, The Washington Post has declared the city “a better place to live and work than it was four years ago.”But in the primary, Mr. Fenty is the underdog even he admits it and deeply unpopular with the black middle class that helped to elect him. A poll published in August 2010 gave Mr.Gray a 17-point lead. Other polls showed a smaller gap, but Mr. Fenty knows he is scrambling for survival.


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