Machete Trailer Recut To Blast Arizona Immigration Law Sparks Wild Race War Fears

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The political trailer of a Cinco De Mayo for the film was released against the Arizona immigration situation, Rodriguez claimed again. He said the scenes were only a satire and it did not worked as the representative of the movie. Actually, whatever was show in the trailer, the movie contained those things and even a lot more things that included Jessica Alba’s provocative “the border crossed us” rallying cry.the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is now concerned about a new film which depicts "an army of machete and AK-47 wielding illegal aliens in a violent uprising."

You’re given the feeling that Mexicans are really good people that work hard (all very true). White people are corrupt, evil opportunists who want to hog all the good things in life. If you made it all the way to the end without falling asleep then you get treated to an explosive mini-war that might even be like it was at the Alamo, only this time the Mexicans win.the Texas Film Commission has funded, at least in part, ‘Machete.’ Race wars may seem like something you would only see in the movies, let’s hope it stays there. For the country’s sake let’s hope that the left doesn’t get their way by provoking an irreversible travesty for political gain.

It is propaganda under the cover of an exploitation film. It is designed to stir up “visceral” reactions to the very serious issue of illegal immigration. It strives to demonize Americans outraged over an open border and the influx of millions of illegal aliens every year.a violent film to use such a backdrop to glorify and potentially incite violent attacks on white Americans over the immigration issue is very dangerous, and Alex urges the film’s director to carefully consider the impact such an extreme statement could have.

Though the movie screen is an escapist dimension where sex & violence are commonplace, ‘Machete‘ ties it into a racially motivated issue spurned by anti-illegal immigration rhetoric– and that may be taking things a bit too far.So what of the role of cinema and television cultural products in the larger picture of shaping the opinions and habits of our increasingly naive and shallow population? One need only read between the lines, flip through the channels in a critically-evaluating way (rather than a hyponotic, dreamy way) and read the statements of the ruling elite, who have made sport of pushing our buttons.


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