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The drama has been written by Cris Cole and is being made by the independent producer Left Bank Pictures, the company responsible for Wallander and the Sky1 drama Strike Back, which begins this week. Mad Dogs was commissioned by Elaine Pyke, Sky1's head of drama.

The Tom Leber and some close friends gathered in his garage and founded the Mad Dog Motorcycle Club. The result was an organization built on the principle of camaraderie and diversity. A brotherhood bounded by principles instead of borders. Since then, the Mad Dogs have set fire to the streets of the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong and further creating the standard for Motorcycle Clubs in South East Asia. Explore these pages to find more about the legend of the Mad Dogs.  

There are a couple of ways to read the novel as a flat-out thriller or as an extended hallucination. Either reading works just fine. Grady does a remarkable job of crafting his characters and of creating their `mission,' an infiltration of a strange and frightening world the U.S. For these former heroes, passing as normal' is their greatest challenge, and ultimately this is a story of emancipation, of breaking free from or ast least coming to terms with their own troubled minds.

The central character of 'Motherless Brooklyn', they operate under somewhat skewed perceptions of the real world. Their training, however, has prepared them to survive in an unfriendly world even if that world is the Boston to Washington corridor as they chase down the real kill.

Maine because they are damaged goods, make a break for the Boston-Washington, DC corridor when a terrifying murder triggers their fight-or-flight instincts. As with any good team, each member has a talent or weakness that meshes with those of the others, often to surprising effect during their week-long hegira. Grady, whose phenomenal Six Days of the Condor transformed the spy genre, grips you immediately with phantasmagorical writing at a breakneck pace. Avoiding introspection, he nonetheless illuminates the trauma at the heart of each agent's psychic wound so that you care about what happens. Could this new novel from a veteran writer/reporter be the One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest of the cyber-generation? Indisputably, it belongs in every suspense collection. Barbara Conaty, Falls Church.


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