Movie Review and Preview " We Are Family " Hit Blockbuster

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The protagonists, played by Arjun Rampal as Aman, Kajol, plays his ex- wife Maya , with a terminal illness, and Kareena who plays Arjun’s girlfriend Shreya, is a very modern girl, who learns to accept the realities of life quite to the hilt.

Kajol, or Maya, has three children with hubby Aman.Even though the couple has separated due to incompatibility, due to some terminal illness; Maya has to stick around, with her kids.

The centre of attention in the flick are however the three children, played byAanchal Munjal,who plays Aleya, Nominath Ginsburg playing Ankush, and Diya Sonecha playing Anjali.

In the mean time, Aman meets a fantastically ‘full on gal’, Shreya, played by Kareena, who is full of life and energy, and who too, has to come to live with the estranged family.


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