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The series, open to all musicians and singers no matter what type of music they play, is set to air in early August 2010 on Sky 1 HD and its unique new format hands back control to the artists themselves, empowered by creative support, promotional advice and a cash fund of £100,000 to kick start their career. The final will be held live at one of the UK’s biggest and most famous music venues, where the finalists will perform on the same stage as the show’s prestigious judges.

Speaking to Eamonn Holmes, fellow finalists The Pictures insisted there was no rivalry backstage between the bands."It's been a truly supportive atmosphere," drummer Max Baillie said."Backstage all the acts were encouraging each other - the competition was really stiff.Must Be The Music has set itself apart from other talent shows with contestants being able to perform their own songs.As soon as acts reached the live semi-final stage their music became available for download.

People are hearing these songs and they want to be a part of it," he told Sky News.
"It's interesting how people are obviously voting, but apart from that, they are going out and spending money on these tracks because they want them in their lives."It goes to show how differently people can pursue their music."The singer-songwriter dismissed claims the show is 'anti X Factor'.

We went today and all I can say is that they treat you really well, there were only about eight people being auditioned at the same time and they were all interviewed it was well organized, we were all even given cooled bottles of water, didn't have to buy them. All the crew were really nice. When my daughter was auditioned and she didn't get through there was a loud gasp from the audience I think they thought she should go through. Although my daughter was disappointed I think she was impressed with the way this was handled compared with BGT and X factor, you were made to feel more a person a less like cattle.

Must Be The Music is about giving the acts control over their careers. Everything they perform on the show will be available to download on i Tunes after each show, so they'll earn money right from the start. The winner will also receive a £100,000 cash fund  rather than a record contract with a mogul who's itching to bin you at the first opportunity. The aim is to forge and hone acts that can emerge as fully rounded stars.

This certainly looks like the direction that Must Be The Music is headed. The judges seem more eager to encourage genuine talent than simply sneer at weirdos, and the acts look a pleasantly diverse bunch, with rock groups, beat boxers, freestyle mouth organists and medieval folk choirs ready to fight it out over the next few weeks.


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