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It’s my first factual entertainment series in which I co-present with the lovely Joanna Page (Gavin & Stacey, Love Actually) and will look at pets and the excruciatingly embarrassing ailments they often suffer.My Pet Shame is very informative, full of facts and pet-care tips for those experienced and first-time pet-owners.

I’ll aim to diagnose and treat each strange, often shameful illness and in turn provide the animals and their owners with a healthier, happier lifestyle.The first episode’s cases include Lulu the barren Bullmastiff, Moog the farting cat, Millie the chewaholic rabbit and Dillon the nervous Dalmation.Packed with useful training advice and surprising facts, My Pet Shame will help even the seemingly most hopeless of cases, proving that when it comes to your pet, it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.

I watched the Cockatoo episode to see if it would help but it didnt unfortunatly. I have an amazon who REALLY hates my partner they used to be best friends but since he worked away for 6 weeks which was well over 2 years ago she hates him. I’m desperate for help as she will have batches of flying to attack him like she is at the moment and she means serious business. I would love for you to contact me so i go into things further with you - im in desperate means.

The most adorable Staffordshire bull terrier. I was nervous about a Staffy coming in because of their reputation, but she was so well behaved. Lexi was an excessive licker, so when she greets people, she gets overexcited and won't stop licking them. When I was introduced to her, she dove on to me and put her tongue in my mouth and ear, which was actually quite nice! And then there's Columbo, a pug who farts all the time. We took him to a doggy dancing class which is the cutest thing you will ever see.

Sharing a flat with an incredibly farty cat would certainly be embarrassing and a bit of a passion killer, so the story of Moog, a cheeky white minx whose emissions got right up owner Jodie’s nose, passed the shame test.But the tale of Lulu, a mastiff who suffered phantom pregnancies and was unable to carry puppies to full term when she was pregnant was sad rather than shameful.

I hope you get this and can give me any advice you may have. Our cat (1 of 3) refuses to use the litter tray. We have watched her and she goes to the tray/trays area but does her business outside the tray as it looks to us like she doesn’t want to put her paws in the tray. So she ends up most of the time weeing or pooing. Please help. She is an indoor cat most of the time. Has her own space in the house etc and never goes anywhere else than the tray area.


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